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However, one problem is that when one is accessorizing, christian louboutin shoes choosing a footwear really becomes difficult as the choice of accessories for the footwear is quite limited or there are almost no options at all out there. Putting some thing on the footwear top goes with the way how one is dressed. With the accessories, it would mean gluing or adding pins on top of the footwear. When one has designer footwear on, there is no point ruining the leather by doing any such stupid act. In such a case, there are just few options one is left with:

- To wear whatever suits the color of the dress best, irrespective or without acknowledging the accessories that one is wearing.

- Forget about the color of the dress and the accessory and go with a contrasting color - but this would seldom work.

None of the above would give a woman pride of the way she would dress as she steps into a party. Hence, the usual way to go about this kind of situation is to have some footwear with the same metallic color accessory that you rarely wear - colors like golden, silver, and other junk colors etc., which is then combined with deep color like blacks or browns. The ideal is to use Christian Louboutin replica footwear with the kind of accessories that one is wearing and at the same time as these would have deep colors that would anyway go with almost every thing. By taking into consideration the above idea a simple dress with elegant accessory and footwear that would match and go perfectly with the same - christian louboutin uk could make that simple dress more elegant and absolutely stunning.